Wondering how to start a financial training plan for your business, cooperative, or non-profit?

This is part #2 of a 3 part training plan that will prompt you to get started with democratizing your financials!


Education leads to better engagement, confidence and boldness in your organization. Try these techniques to engage your organization with financials.

Specific Questions to ask your group:

+ How can we be more open with our finances?

+ What’s the definition of ownership? What is everyone’s job roles and responsibilities?

+ What would help you better understand our financials or business practices?

Techniques and Resources

These techniques and games are designed to educate your members and organization managers on company financials. Feel free to use at least 3 techniques to get a broad picture of where folks are at with their financial knowledge.


Worker Cooperative Financials 101 – presentation on the basics of patronage, coop finance, etc.

Cooperative developers, including Cooperation Works, offer day long to week long workshops.

Cooperative Financial Education Toolkit – To be released in 2018/2019.

Bring your bank statement and financial reports to meetings and coach each member to present a different part of them monthly and rotate roles.

Get in the habit of showing your P&L to Budget/Projections on a monthly basis regardless of good/bad news. Mix it up by encouraging others to expain in a multi-visual/auditory/tactile ways.

Excel & Accounting Classes @ SBA (Small Business Administration) & community colleges.

Barter or trade services through your local business or networking group, or apprentice with another skilled bookkeeper for a similar business/industry.

Financial Jeopardy – game to increase vocabulary around accounting terms.

Finance Taboo – interactive game to increase knowledge of accounting terms.

Make up your own games / ways to present data and educate using these popular education principals on how adults learn via GA

These are a just a few of the many exercises Rye Financial can help you facilitate or come up with. What else can you imagine?

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